2017 Studio Run-Down

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. This year’s been a particularly busy one and I’ve totally lost track of writing ANY posts about what I’ve been doing – working on – or playing with.

Since I wasn’t sure where the heck to start, I decided a ‘Studio Run Down’ of my list of projects was the way to go. To prove I haven’t packed up to live on a secluded island, here’s a tally of projects that came out of the the studio. I hope you find the list of ‘Posts-To-Come’ entertaining and that it holds your interest for now. And yes… I promise to start updating the site starting within the next week. Definitely check back soon – or better – Sign Up for updates if you want to see all the pretty pictures and details ass soon as they are live!!

Here are my top picks from 2016 thru now, November 2017, with some short descriptions of each.

What’s Been Happening:

  • Art Exhibit – LUCAD Gallery Show [Spring 2016]
  • Día de Muertos Custom Head Piece [Fall 2016]
  • Custom Bridal Hair Piece – San Fran Wedding [New Year’s Eve 2016]
  • Custom Design & Illustration – Gala Invitation [Winter 2017]
  • Custom Flyer Design – Women’s Professional Group [Winter 2017]
  • Event Marketing Materials – Private Invitational [Winter 2017]
  • Art Direction & Content Development – Website Redesign [Spring 2017]
  • Custom Hair Clip – Special Occassion Accessory [Fall 2016]
  • Art Exhibit – Create Boston Event SOWA [Spring 2017]
  • Custom Logo & Business Card – Brand Materials [Summer 2017]
  • Launch Event Marketing Materials & Visual Display [Summer 2017]
  • Custom Bridal Comb – Chicago Planetarium [Fall 2017]
  • Custom Table Display – Diner En Blanc Boston [Fall 2017]
  • Custom Marketing Materials – Women’s Professional Event [Fall 2017]
  • 5 Fashion Narratives w/coordinated Custom Illustrations [Fall 2017]
  • Visual Display & Art Installation – Renovation Launch Party [Fall 2017]

Stay tuned for the above posts to start appearing over the next week – but you can find more recent images & updates on my Insta here @AbbyShepardLoves.

Happy Travels & Stay In Touch!

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Welcome to the Design Brain of Abby Shepard– a Boutique Creative Studio specializing in Narrative Fashion & Lifestyle Illustration, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Art Direction, Content Development, Marketing, Visual Art, & Handmade Details.

Here you’ll find my latest work, client projects, style crushes & daily inspiration – along with anything else that happens to inspire me in the moment!


♥ Narrative Fashion Illustration with curated real products to ‘Shop the LOOK
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♥ Visual Art & Products in the shop for decorating, gift giving & daily fun
♥ Shows & Collaborations with clients, fellow artists & friends
Custom PatternsPrints for events, gift wrap, fabric & indie brands
♥ Travel Postcards & Maps for visual inspiration, decor & boutique locations
Handmade Details for events, fêtes, themed parties & wedding celebrations

Look around to see what’s new in the studio, shop for new products, or browse bespoke creations!

Enter Studio

Enter Studio

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Concrete Jungle GNO

This week’s New Project is a ‘Concrete Jungle Custom Hair Comb’ that I’m creating for a client’s NYC Girls Night Out. How fun! This one’s got me excited for two reasons. The first being the chic, modern-preppy style of Jen (the special gal… and friend… it’s being made for). Secondly, the occasion: A New-York-City, Girls-Night-Out, Weekend-Getaway to see the show HAMILTON!! The tickets were a surprise birthday gift from her sisters. Sibling love… Totally feelin’ it. To make the moment even more memorable, she’s hoping to add a little ‘Sparkle and Pop’ to her evening’s attire. I’m honored to help complete the fab look for her night of fun. Here’s a one-of-a-kind, decorative hair piece coming your way Jen B – Get yourself ready for a dazzling night out IN THE CITY gurllll!

NYC Girls Getaway Weekend Hamilton
New York City Hamilton Girls Getaway – Concrete Jungle Custom Hair Comb by Abby Shepard

Below is the Style Board I’ll use as inspiration while building and sculpting her custom piece.

The design board reflects her look for the big night and it’s got me thinking all kinds of fancy ideas. The details that capture her sassy style – and vibe – for this NYC girl’s getaway include: White skinny jeans, a sexy black blouse topped by a camel leather biker jacket, a leopard print clutch, black wedge sandals with a stacked wooden heel, a long gold tassel necklace, and the New York City Theater District as her backdrop.

Concrete Jungle NYC Girls Night Out Hamilton Style
Concrete Jungle Custom Hair Comb NYC Style Board by Abby Shepard – inspiration courtesy of Nordstrom, J. Crew, Hamilton and Macy’s!

It’s important that the shape and size of the comb I create will work well with Jen’s hair.

She has thin, straight, stunningly dark hair that’s styled in a short bob. It falls just above her shoulders and is parted to the side. A small comb or clip that she can use to pull it back over one ear is what we’re going for. Plus, I want to make it versatile enough so she can wear it over and over again!

I’ll experiment with a few different style-designs for the comb to see what will look, and work, best for her but all of the custom designs will have the same base color of crystal, gold, mixed metals and black. I’m excited to throw some variations of color into the mix, such as violet, blue, amber, khaki and maybe even olive green. I’m also considering a stunning, but small, black feather as a final ‘wow factor’ touch.

Concrete Jungle Custom Hair Comb Color Palette by Abby Shepard

I’ll post some design sketches soon that illustrate the concepts of what might come of this ‘Concrete Jungle Custom Hair Comb‘.

I can’t wait to watch how this fab, little design comes to life, and to see Jen celebrate her special night out with the girls seeing THE Hamilton IN STYLE!

(For those interested – I came across this fun post while doing my research and figured I’d share it for fun! Check out this ‘Ultimate Girls NYC Weekend‘ found on Eat, Sleep, Breath, Travel)

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