Who’s Abby Shepard

Abby Shepard is a Boston based fashion illustration and design studio with a West Coast state of mind. I have a background in illustration, design, creative writing, marketing and advertising… and am in LOVE with visual arts! My work is primarily inspired by the female form, fashion trends, lifestyle products, travel, personal traits, individual stories, the unspoken hero and captured moments in time.  My illustrations focus on women in every day action, and the details that tell the story of who they are. They reflect a distinct personality and lifestyle with a relaxed confidence and strength. My sketches are a bit reality and every girl, yet fantasy and aspiration!

I use both traditional media (watercolor, ink, pencil, marker) and digital media, which allow me a happy diversity and experimental freedom. I have a loose, gritty quality to my line work that I combine with colorful, watercolor washes reflective of New Yorker covers, Vanity Fair editorial spreads, and Conde Nast travel illustrations.

Visit What’s Abby Loves to learn more about the site or check out my Fashion Illustration & Design Portfolio to see samples of my work – I hope you find a few favorites of your own!


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