Gatsby Art-Deco Bridal

This new comb (and client) has been an absolute DREAM to work with. So much glamorous inspiration – I could have easily designed 10 different bridal combs for this one wedding! Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ll be sending along in the package to this beautiful bride.


The original custom-design sketch is pictured below with the Gatsby-inspired Styleboard created for this St. Pete’s wedding day! The final comb always outshines the original draft of what’s to come… but this shows how the real one has come to life. Check out those colors and feathers… and love the little gray striped one I decided to work in at the last minute. Final touch perfection!


Based on the bride’s custom design request, I chose Swarovski crystals in colors of icy blue, bright white, soft ivory, glimmering silver and warm golds. I paired these with vintage pearls, delicate cup chain and muted metallics to give it that vintage meets modern look. I sculpted the base to have scalloped shapes to mimic the brides shoes and have space around them, allowing light to dance through and create  feminine detail with dramatic effects. Adding feathers was optional, but both the bride and I decided that the mix of downy ostrich and singular flowing feathers were an inspired touch!


A Close-Up of the Gatsby inspired Art-Deco Bridal Comb by Abby Shepard [Honeysuckle & Scotch]. All product shots courtesy of the ever-talented Randall Garnick Photography.

View the actual wedding photos of this bride wearing her custom comb – it’s a true visual ‘stylefest’ to admire!

XoXo Abby Loves

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