Blissful Bathing – 14 Perfect Picks

About once a month I take a mini vacation in my bathtub.  I love taking baths… slipping under the warm, steamy water, inhaling the wafting aromas of softly scented bubbles and letting it carry me away from the world for just a little while.

With a little extra planning, I can take this time to create the perfect escape.  Here’s how:  I throw two of my best fluffy towels in the dryer, along with my robe, spa wrap and bath mat to heat them up.  I pick out a collection of bubble bath, bath milk, bath salts and any other products I might feel like using depending on my mood and the season. I run the water, pour in the bubbles and set up my cushy bath pillow.  I grab my towel, robe and mat out of the dryer, roll them up to keep them warm, pour myself a cup of tea, wine or water,  light a scented candle, line up my products along the tub, place my jewelry in a decorative dish, undress and slide myself under the water letting it work it’s magic.

I then close my eyes and drift away to someplace beautiful in my mind…. periodically finding some motivation to dip into a salt scrub, or squeeze water from a natural sea sponge letting it run through my fingers to make soapy little streams down my arm. most luxurious outdoor bubble bathWhile I’m enveloped in this warm-water blanket, I let my mind wander and take in the simple pleasures of what’s around me… the flicker of the candle light bouncing off the walls, the way the steam rises off the water, the aroma wafting from the bubbles, the way the trickling water tickles my ears and the pure peacefulness of the moment.

When I’m ready to get back to my world, I stand up, step onto my heated bath mat, grab a warm towel to dry off, wrap the other warm towel around my head, slather on a creamy body souffle,  slip on my warm robe, take a deep breath and smile.

No matter how short-lived, bath time creates a pocket of weightlessness in my ever hectic world. It is one of the easiest, quickest and least expensive ways to find a moment to pamper myself. For anyone wanting to hit the reset button on relaxation, or find yourself in need of some TLC, I highly recommend this recipe for creating the most perfect, blissful bath.


I’ll follow up with a Post for each “Perfect Pick” that’ll include more pictures, info and links to each of these so don’t forget to check back.  You can also click on the Category “Blissful Bathing” to explore them all.   Don’t forget to share some of your own “perfect picks”, I’m always looking for a new blissful bathing product to try out!

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