My Morning Coffee & a Pretty Little Oresmund Cup

What can I say about my morning coffee… I love it!  I sometimes actually find myself looking forward to it the night before.

Pretty Oresmond Cup

I think it’s because my morning coffee isn’t just something I grab on my way to work or something that’s part of my routine because I need the caffeine… oh no.  My morning coffee is a ritual.  It is the experience that starts my day, every day.  Morning is the only time where the world is totally quiet and I can have some time to enjoy whatever I want to with a clear head before the distractions of the day force their way in.

From the adventure of discovering a nutty-rich blend, the welcoming aroma of grinding the perfectly roasted bean, the measuring of the perfect amount of water per coffee-grind ratio, to finally choosing the exact right coffee cup to thoroughly enjoy the experience.  It’s my time to think…  am I feeling happy, mellow, outgoing, busy, relaxed, chilly, somber, excited? It helps me decide the way I want to start my day.  As you can imagine, these are very important details to picking the perfect cup!

I have a collection of about 30+ coffee and tea cups.  I also have every intention of adding to this collection at any opportunity of inspiration.  Since my fiancee, Jason, has 50+ beer glasses and still counting, I think I still have a ways to go before it becomes one of those conversations.

Today is rainy, fall day in Boston.  So I found the Oresund cup from Anthropologie to match my mood the best:  sleepy, dreamy, mellow, with a hint of happy.

Anthropologie Oresmond Cup

There are a bunch to choose from but they all have the same mellow/happy feel.  I’m always looking for new cups… and roasty coffee blends, so feel free to send me your suggestions any time!


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