Etsy Spotlight: Chocolate Toadstools & Edible Acorns from Andie’s Specialty Sweets

Andie's Specialty TreatsEdible Acorn Picnic

Andie’s Specialty Sweets moto pretty much sums up how adorable this company is:

“Our philosophy, here at Andie’s is simple……to give Treats unto others as we would want them to give Treats unto us.” 

Edible A Mushroom 2Edible A Mushroom


If life were only so swEdible Acorn Mushroomeet everywhere, there’d be plenty of smiles to go along with chocolate acorns and toadstools.
Andie’s products are made-to-order & shipped directly from their studio in California. They do specialty orders for brides, cake decorators, professional bakers, caterers, and hom
e bakers but are looking for more choices and are brimming with ideas. They welcome custom orders and say their customers ideas are usually their favorites!

Check out their adorable Etsy Shop, I’m sure you’ll find some favorites of your own.

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