Well Hello 2020!!

2020 is here…. “Are you ready?” Well come along and get ready with me! As I plan for the coming year – I’m thinking about what I missed this past year, what I want to do in the next twelve months, and how I want to FEEL when I look back on the year come next December. You know what I’m talking about…. getting sh@t done!

Today brings with it renewed fire people! Ya, I know… we didn’t all wake up to a different world (eyeroll… sigh) but here’s to inspiring yourself and planning the year ahead with positive vibes! You with me?!

I love searching for good advice, so I looked around the wonderful web-wide-world and found the best advice for ME in the coming year – and am sharing it here with YOU.

In the spirit of new beginnings and fresh starts, here are seven things to consider as 2020 begins.

1. Enjoy Your Resolutions.

Resolutions don’t have to be about doing stuff you don’t enjoy. Don’t make it seem like work. Make it fun by staying focused on the things you LOVE and want to do more of. I love to collaborate, create and share… so I’ll be doing more of that – along with breaking a sweat, purging my clutter to make room for new things, sipping cocktails with friends, and dancing like a fool!

2. Set Goals that Inspire.

I’ll be setting some goals that tap into my passions. Maybe some aerial dance or yoga for me this year. Make it something that inspires you and makes you happy!

3. Take a day off. No really… a whole day.

I love this one because unplugging and disconnecting from all the ‘noise’ around me is when I really discover random, unforeseen happiness. It’s also usually when my best ideas come to me. See if you can spend at least one entire day (yes, 24 hours) without being attached to a device. Put the tech down people and lift your head UP to spend real time with pets, friends, family, or just yourself. You’re pretty good company when you don’t have your face stuck in a screen. I’ll be making time to hear my inner voice and learning to actually listen.

4. Celebrate Victories.

Even if you had a tough year, there were definitely things you accomplished when you were at your best… things that came together in just the right way. This is so true for me. I’ll be reviewing my year, writing down the things I accomplished and recalling how good they made me or others around me feel. Then I’ll drink a toast to what made me most proud!

5. Reframe Failures. Oh Ya!

Even if it was a fantastic year, there are always things that didn’t go exactly as planned. I’ll be reflecting a bit on what I learned, what mistakes I might avoid in the future – or just considering how I might do it differently next time around. Maybe this was just a practice run for the real deal coming down the road in the future… and drink another toast to that!

6. Be Thankful. Do It!

Taking time to be thankful. Unless you’re a recluse and never see anyone, you’ve probably had a bunch of people help you this year, sometimes because it’s their job, but sometimes just because they care and they can. I plan on thinking about those people and making a list of how they helped me… no matter how small. I’ll be writing small notes, sending a card, giving a token of appreciation – whatever I can to make it personal and genuine. Take time to thank people properly because they deserve it. It will make YOU and THEM feel good. I always have the best of intentions with this particular goal but seem to get distracted or overwhelmed by what the ‘thanks’ should be. This year, I’m gonna keep it simple and just pick one and DO IT!!

7. Give a Gift.

Give an anonymous gift to something/someone you care about without any accompanying obligation – that’s right, no need for a return ‘thanks’. Find joy in being someone, or something’s, savior. My soft spot happens to be animals – ANY KIND OF ANIMAL! Those furry little friends that make us feel so loved no matter what, they’re always there when we need them (with zero judgment), and give us so much happiness by just tilting their head. The MSPCA will be getting some extra attention in the coming year from ME! Maybe I’ll become a foster momma for this guy…

(Inspiration & advice via Inc)

I also love this roundup on ‘Ways to Support Your Well-Being in the New Year‘ by Harvard University’s Harvard Magazine.

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