Abby Loves’ New Mini Cards!

Abby Loves Mini Accordion Cards by Abby Shepard

These new MINI ACCORDION CARDS for Abby Loves were so fun to design! I wanted to make something visually impactful, yet compact and easy to hand out. After much searching around the endless-internet for something quick and reasonably priced, I found the perfect card at Nations Photo Lab. If I hadn’t stumbled across a post from another blog that showed a beautiful example of there design, I would probably not given them a second look.

The paper choices were minimal but offered one that was perfect for my needs – a beautiful linen paper with a soft grain and lovely white tone. This paper would be a perfect canvas for the fashion and lifestyle illustrations I wanted to showcase in the promotional piece. I uploaded my final design template and hoped for the best. Today when the package arrived, I couldn’t believe the print quality and gorgeous color that was produced by these guys! I will definitely be ordering more of these accordion cards and swapping up the design templates for whatever I want to share in the future.

Here are a few rough samples of how they came out of the package. They come in packs of 25’s and are scored for easy folding. Some of you might find the extra step of folding a bit of a nuisance, but I like the option of keeping them flat to maintain the stiffness of the paper. It also avoids any rubbing off of ink or dulling when the panels are folded or if they are stored for a while.

Abby Loves Mini Marketing Card Samples
Abby Loves Mini Marketing Card Samples

Nations Photo Lab did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier with how these Mini Accordion Cards came out for my VanDernoot Gallery Show in Cambridge. I’m gonna be a proud studio momma when handing out these babies!

Mini Folding Card by Abby Shepard
Mini Marketing Folding Cards for Abby Loves by Abby Shepard

I’ll follow up with some better shots of these on display at the show but let me know if you have any questions about how these mini folding cards were designed. I’ll be happy to pass on the info!

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What the Heck’s Been Happenin’

Wow! Have I been a very busy girl… and selfishly on a blog-break for exactly one year. Sorry for anyone who’s come to visit and found nothing new but I do promise to make it up to you in the coming year.

This year’s been an eye-opener, one big thing I learned – planning a wedding is tough work dammit.  Especially for ‘type-A’ ladies (such as myself) who concoct endless amounts of projects to research, create, design and produce.  Yikes and awesome!!!  No wonder so many post-brides launch careers in the wedding industry after the “I do’s”… it’s a crash course education once you’ve been through it and a damn shame to waste it all once it’s in the rearview.

Styling the entire wedding was a complete blast and such an extravagant treat but here’s some other custom wedding details I absolutely loved making:

Save-The-Date Card
Wedding Invitation
Letterpress Map
Event Card
Ceremony Card
Vintage-Style Hankies
Rehearsal Dinner Cocktail Dress
Watercolor Bridesmaid Illustration Thank You Card
Custom Color Lavender Sachets & Custom Magnet Set
Bohemian Garter Belt
Gettin’-Ready Robe with Custom Fabric
Custom Welcome Bags & Tags
Lauriat Necklace
Digital Note Keepsake Bridesmaid T-shirts (2 types)
Customized Bride & Bridemaid Stylecards
Customized Vendor Contact Info Cards
Custom Fabric Hanger Covers 

Custom Shower Thank You Card

… That’s about all I can think of off the tip-top of my head but you get the picture.  Lots of FUN stuff!  So b
e sure to stay posted for the upcoming flurry of catch-up posts & pictures from this bride’s past year of excursions, adventures, projects and events.  I’m excited to be back!

 Hugs and Kisses,

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