A Perfect Towel & Driftwood Rack, Perfect Pick #1

As a follow-up to my Blissful Bathing Post, here’s the very first of 14 “Perfect Picks” to creating your own personal bath oasis:  This post is all about the perfect towel and a spectacular place to hang it.

The Perfect Towel

If your going for luxury AND style, I love Orla Kiely’s fresh, geometric bath sheets shown above.  Her patterns are so modern and fun, they’re great for adding some energy and life to any bath room.

The Perfect Towel 4

For luxury with a more subtle style, Macy’s Luxury Hotel Collection  is a perfect choice. These towels are excessively oversized to cover every inch of your body, dangerously soft and fluffy to resemble a heavenly cloud-like substance, and come in a plethora of visually appealing colors to mix and match with your bathroom motif easily.

The Perfect Towel 2Fieldcrest_Target

For about half the price of the Hotel Collection, a close second  is Fieldcrest’s Towel Sets at Target:. I’m a sucker for the ultra plush, super spongey Fieldcrest Towels.  I have a bunch of these but I should warn you, these tend to pull so I always keep a set in the bathroom as decoration while all the ones we use are hidden in the linen closet.  If the threads don’t bother you, they’re a good option for the price and feel.

Perfect Towel Driftwood Wrack

Along with the towels, I thought it would be fun to add something sweet and unique to this post…  a Reclaimed Wood Towel Rack to hang your new towels on.  Is there anything that doesn’t look good as reclaimed wood?  I have yet to find it.  If you’re not handy or have money to burn, I love these one-of-a-kind racks by Bricheese on Etsy.  They have some very pretty and affordable pieces plus some great ideas if you’ve got a wood shop at home!

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